Leverate is one of the leading Facebook Paid Advertising agencies in Germany and beyond – especially our innovative optimization approach to sales or ROI driven campaigns is very popular… mehr

Amazon Advertising

Few companies have so much influence on our daily purchases and shopping habits like Amazon. Most of today’s product searches no longer take place on Google or other traditional search engines – but directly on Amazon… mehr


Instagram is part of the Facebook network and a powerful component in its system. The targeting options are identical, but the usage type, the target group, the degree of emotion and the environments can be completely different and used accordingly… mehr

Mobile Advertising

Of course, social media channels (like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat), search engines or for example YouTube are highly relevant in mobile advertising, but in addition to the gigantic traffic resources of these platforms, Leverate has a wide range of partners and publishers who are open for performance deals in mobile advertising – so-called cost per install agreements… mehr

Display & Content Advertising

Classic banner advertising today has a tough time. Ad Blockers are gaining more and more importance and banner blindness is increasing. DoubleClick allows us to access highly specific and targeted environments and to spread the advertising message with a strong branding effect. We also use DoubleClick as a re-targeting tool for better results than traditional solutions… mehr

Video Advertising

In addition to Facebook or Instagram, YouTube is a very suitable alternative to reach users via video and to build an emotional bond… mehr

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords continues to be the most efficient and important channel for most of our clients. Many industries are exposed to immense competition in the so-called “keywords” (eg. insurance, banks, travel), but the high lead quality in search engine marketing is difficult to achieve with other channels – despite the high costs sometimes… mehr