Instagram Paid Advertising

Instagram is part of the Facebook network and a powerful component in its system. The targeting options are identical, but the usage type, the target group, the degree of emotion and the environments can be completely different and used accordingly.

Nonetheless, we at Leverate only make a limited distinction between Facebook and Instagram as a channel, but recommend to test both platforms against each other and make decisions about budget allocations and position in the media mix on the basis of hard numbers. Leverate continuously reports on the results and improves campaign performance through extensive optimization strategies – similar to Facebook – several times a day.

Of course, if necessary, we also take over the creation of advertising material on Instagram and also take into account the learnings from Facebook campaigns.

Before taking over the account and starting the Paid Advertising, our team will create a detailed evaluation of the current Instagram/ Facebook activities and show exactly how and where additional performance can be gained.

Our Instagram clients include companies such as Burger King, Starbucks, LUMAS, Chronext and Yves Rocher.