Mobile Advertising / Cost per Install (CPI)

Of course, social media channels (like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat), search engines or for example YouTube are highly relevant in mobile advertising, but in addition to the gigantic traffic resources of these platforms, Leverate has a wide range of partners and publishers who are open for performance deals in mobile advertising – so-called cost per install agreements.

Leverate’s ad networks have immense media inventory worldwide and can be superbly divided across regions, audiences and quality levels. Many of our clients use this attractive channel to grow fast, relying on Leverate’s ongoing quality control and publisher management.

This channel is not suitable for all business models, but can be a perfect match especially for apps with a broad – not too exclusive – audience.

Our mobile team will be pleased to advise you on whether CPI campaigns make sense for your app, or whether Facebook/ Instagram should be used to accelerate growth efficiently and qualitatively.