Video Advertising / Youtube

In addition to Facebook or Instagram, YouTube is a very suitable alternative to reach users via video and to build an emotional bond.

Unlike the two major social media networks, YouTube does not place video content in a news feed (like a post), but in front of the actual video that the user wants to watch. The quality of a video view can be measured (duration of the advertisement, or whether it was finished quickly).

Advertisers should understand the subtleties between the big video ad publishers YouTube and Facebook (Instagram). YouTube mainly relies on excellent environment targeting (for example, an ad for a luxury watch in front of a golf clip), while FB/ Instagram can rely on hard user data.

To sum up, Leverate prefers YouTube for campaigns with branding goals and Facebook is recommended for flights with hard ROI-driven sales goals (eCommerce).

Our team is also always ready to help with video platforms like YouTube, Twitch or other niche video portals.